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A Christian Response to Abortion


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All of the resources above are available at:

Crusade for Life
18030 Brookhurst St. #372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

phone 714- 963 4753
e-mail [email protected]
website: crusadeforlife.org


1. Course DVD's These two DVD'S are the heart of this course.
  • Silent Scream - Ronald Reagan considered this film so powerful and convicting that he screened it at the White House.
$17.95 each + 10% shipping and handling
  • Matter of Choice - excellent overview of abortion.

$14.95 each + 10% shipping and handling


2. Prayer Vigil Booklet "Standing in the GapAn eleven page booklet with scriptures and prayer for use at an abortion clinic or for individual use.

Download in PDF format or order from address above for 30 cents each + shipping and handling (minimum of 10)


3. Brochure "What Every Christian Needs to Know About Abortion" New 12-page full color booklet was created to awaken Christians to the true nature and spiritual consequences of abortion. It describes and illustrates abortion, summarizes prenatal development, presents the Biblical perspective, and lists practical actions Christians should take to end abortion. Written by Don Smith, the creative force behind "The Silent Scream" (the most powerful pro-life movie ever created), this booklet has been called "the best of its kind that I have ever seen." the late Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, Ph.D.

40 cents each + 10% shipping and handling

4. Three basic Tabloids
  • "Contraception: The Tragic Deception" includes a protestant confession
  • "America Must Decide" basic pro-life information available in English and Spanish
  • "What the Facts Reveal About Planned Parenthood

10 cents each + 10% shipping and handling (minimum of 10)

5. Pro-Life Books
  • A Symphony of the Unborn Child - explains when life begins with testimony by Dr. Jerome Lejeune, in a famous court case.
  • Abortion Questions and Answers: Love Them Both - the basic primer for pro-life by Dr. and Mrs. Wilke.
  • Their Blood Cries Out - How abortion has affected the United States or any other country where abortion is practiced  by Troy Newman with Cheryl Sullenger. What will God do?

Each copy is $5.00 + 10% shipping and handling


6. Bible Study Package This is a copy of the online course "A Christian Response to Abortion" and comes in a 3-ring binder ready for class use and also includes the DVD's "A Matter of Choice" and "The Silent Scream" which are the heart of this course.

Cost: $44.95 per copy + 10% for shipping and handling


7. 3-Ring Binder Front Cover Insert For those who decide to download this course directly from the website, we have found that a 3 ring binder is a valuable tool for keeping everything organized. This is the insert that we use for the front cover of our 3 ring binders. Also see #8 Spline Insert


8. 3 Ring Binder Spline Insert Similar to #7 except this is a spline insert. This will need to be trimmed to fit your 3 ring binder.


9. Power Products Catalog A list of pro-life resources many of which are unique. Click on Power logo for product information, ordering information and pricing.