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Life Issue Bible Study


A Christian Response to Abortion




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On January 22, 1973 abortion on demand was legalized in the United States of America by the United States Supreme Court. Abortion was made legal in all fifty states during anytime of a pregnancy for any reason. Many ask, "Where were the Christians? Where was the Church? Where were we?"

Abortion is thought by many to be the most important issue facing our country today, as important as slavery was in the 1800s. Will God bless America when we are killing a third of our preborn population? How can we return our country to sanctity of life ethic? When will this culture of death stop? Is our country under blood guilt?

This four session Bible study was prepared with the idea of equipping Christians with the tools and information necessary to understand what abortion is, what God's Word says about preborn life and what we must do.

Course Outline

Session I - Learn what the relationship between God and man is according to the Bible. Learn what the Supreme Court really said about abortion.

Session II - Establish that the preborn infant is fully human and a person from conception. Learn why Christians and our nation must be concerned about legal abortion. Learn about fetal development and what abortion does to the preborn.

Session III - Establish worth of every human being from conception. Establish that God has a purpose for every person. Learn God's view of the hard cases; how Scripture answers typical questions.

Session IV - Learn every Christian's responsibility regarding:

  • Myself and Others As Individuals
  • The Church As Christ's Body
  • My Country

What others are saying:

Dianna DePaul and Gianna Jessen of Alive Ministries
"We would like to recommend the following in depth studies based on Biblical truths which have been designated to educate your church body on life issues. The videos accompanying the study offer great educational tools. We strongly believe that the church plays a primary role in providing education and Biblical truths on these issues. We know you and your congregation will be blessed by the results of this Bible Study."

From Bev Cielnicky - President of Crusade for Life

Thank you for your interest in this course. If you have any questions or would like further information the contact information is given below:

Crusade for Life
18030 Brookhurst St. #372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone 714- 963 4753
e-mail [email protected]
web site: crusadeforlife.org

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