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A Christian Response to Abortion


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Session 2 Leader Outline


Student Handouts

Scriptures for Session 2


  • Establish that the preborn infant is fully human and a person from conception.

  • Learn why Christians and our Nation must be concerned about legal abortion.

  • Learn about fetal development and what abortion does to the preborn.


Second half of "A Matter of Choice" starting at 17:02 ending at 26:36 (9:34 min.)


Welcome everyone in attendance. Open in prayer. Take a moment to introduce newcomers. Ask to be sure that everyone has the handouts from the last session.

Briefly review with the class areas that were covered at the last session.

Invite class members  to share any comments, reactions or insights they now have as a result of the first session of the course.

You now want to set the stage for the next segment of the "Matter of Choice" DVD they are about to view.

Introduction Of DVD "A Matter of Choice"

Although the film was produced in the early 80s, the facts are still correct. In the film a newspaper reporter seeks out all the facts - pro and con about abortion for a story. It is a very complete handling of the subject. The second half of the film shows two actual abortions - an early term and late term abortion. If this bothers you, simply shut your eyes during these segments but please listen to the sound track.

Show The Rest Of The DVD "A Matter of Choice" starting at 17:02 for a total of 9:34 minutes


Invite responses and reactions to the DVD. Some questions to ask are:

  • In what ways does this film depict that the preborn are part of the human family?
  • Why should we be concerned about the life of the preborn?
  • Are we accountable for abortion? Is our Nation an accomplice in abortion?
  • How could this film change minds and save lives?

Handout Student Handout #3 and assign members of the group to look up and be prepared to read aloud and discuss the scriptures.

Handout Student Handout #4 - Explain that this information has changed many minds about abortion. and saved babies lives. Emphasize the more recent types of abortion: partial birth abortions and chemical abortions.

Also possibly handout a copy of "The Diary of an Unborn Child" Explain that this may seem childish but that many young people - junior high and up - never forget this sheet and years later remark about it.

This might be the time to order and distribute the newspapers "Contraception: The Tragic Deception" and "America Must Decide" for each class member or "Life and Death" or "Did You Know?" (See material in Session 3, Session 4 or in a pocket).

Closing Moment

As Christians we know that God alone has the power to create, sustain, and take life. His word is not abstract or unclear. We are given the responsibility to protect, conserve, and value the life our Lord has entrusted to us.

Anyone who reads the Bible knows that God has from the beginning forbidden any individual person from taking away another person's life.  On the contrary, clearly in the Bible, every person has been told to be kind, pity, help, care for, and provide for the lives and welfare of any person when they are helpless, injured, sick, weak, needy, elderly or helpless infants whenever we come across them in our daily lives.

Preview with the class areas that will be covered in the next session.

Close in prayer

Invite everyone to join hands in a circle. Ask for volunteers to pray for women and men who have participated in an abortion and for our country.

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