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A Christian Response to Abortion


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Session 4 Leader Outline

Student Handouts
  • Student Handout #7:  Our Responsibility as Christians to Our Church and Our Country
  • Student Handout #8: 
  • Should Christians vote for pro-choice candidates? Read and take the Pro-Life Pledge found at the following link  Pro-Life Pledge Brochure

Scriptures for Session 4


Learn every Christian's responsibility regarding:

  • Myself and Others as Individuals
  • The Church as Christ's Body
  • My Country


Second half of "Silent Scream" starting with sonogram (13:22) ending after 14:25


Welcome everyone in attendance.  Open in prayer. Introduce newcomers.  Ask to be sure that everyone has the student handouts from previous sessions.

Show Second Half Of Video "SILENT SCREAM"

Review previous introduction and then caution the class. Your class will view a graphic scene where an unborn baby is killed by an abortion within the womb. Ask them not to leave the room but just to close their eyes.


Invite responses and reactions to the DVD. Some questions to ask are:

  • What feelings did the tape arouse in you?
  • Who is the author of life?
  • Do we have the authority to say when to end life?
  • Do you think those becoming teenagers and adults during the last 15 years are educated as to the development of the preborn child and what abortion does to that child?  Please keep this question in mind as we go over the material.


Handout Student Handout #7 and ask members of the group to look up and be prepared to read aloud the scriptures relating them to the three categories under "What is every Christian's responsibility?" Relate the Scriptures to the churched and non-churched alike.

Handout Student Handout #8 - Read it together and talk about what actions a church can take, what each church is doing and how you can help your church do more.

Handout brochure "The Pro-Life Pledge". Ask class members to read it and pray about signing the pledge. If there is time left in the class, read it aloud.

Luke 10:25-37 - The story of the Good Samaritan could be the story of the preborn in America today. If there is time, read it and draw parallels.


Anyone who reads the Bible knows that God has from the beginning forbidden any individual person from taking away another person's life. On the contrary, clearly in the Bible, every person has been told to be kind, pity, help, care for, and provide for the lives and welfare of any person whenever we come across them in our daily lives, when they are helpless, injured, sick, weak, needy, elderly or helpless infants.

As Christians we know that God alone has the power to create, sustain, and take life. His word is not abstract or unclear. We are given the responsibility to protect, conserve, and value the life our Lord has entrusted to us.

Go around the circle and ask each participant to thank God for a gift, ability, challenge God has given them concerning the sanctity of life.


Remember to thank God for bringing all who came to these classes and for what He has taught them by the Holy Spirit. Also ask God to show them how He wants them to apply what they have learned in these classes to their daily lives and activities according to His will and purpose.

Close in prayer.

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