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A Christian Response to Abortion


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Session 1 Leader Outline

Sheet - optional

Student Handouts

Scriptures for Session 1


  • Learn what the relationship between God and man is according to the Bible
  • Learn about the Federal laws that address the termination of a woman's pregnancy


First half (17:02 minutes) of "A Matter of Choice" until Dr. and Mrs. Wilkes finish their interview


Welcome everyone in attendance. Lead in an opening prayer.

The reasons that individuals have for taking this course will vary widely. Depending on their reasons, they will be wondering how much the course will be worth their time. After the welcome and prayer if members of the class do not know one another well, take a few minutes for them to introduce themselves. A good discussion launcher (if your group is small) is to have each member complete the following sentence: "I want to take this class because...."

If it is a large group, possibly just have each person introduce themselves.

To encourage class members to be regular in their attendance and to finish the course, show the many informative handouts they will receive during the course and mention briefly the topics you plan to cover. Try to convey to them the importance of learning the difference between the Lord's view on the value of a human life and the world's view and how we can become more knowledgeable, communicate better, help save lives and help our country and those we love have an understanding of abortion.

Introduction Of DVD "A Matter of Choice"

Although the film was produced in the early 80's, the facts are still correct. In the film a newspaper reporter seeks out all the facts - pro and con about abortion for a story. It is a very complete handling of the subject. The first half of the film shows pictures of aborted babies. If this bothers you, please close your eyes during this segment.

Show First Half Of DVD "A Matter of Choice" for a total of 17:02 minutes stopping when Dr. and Mrs. Willke finish their interview.


Invite responses and reactions to the video. Some questions to ask are:

  • What feelings did the tape arouse in you? What things did you learn?
  • Did anything shock you?
  • What are the differences between the Christian view on the value of human life and the world's view?


Handout Student Handout #1 and assign members of the group to look up and be prepared to read aloud the scriptures as the class fills in the worksheet.

Now distribute and review Student Handout # 2 - U.S. Supreme Court Decision - and possibly a brochure such as "America Must Decide" that can be ordered. See samples in packet. Ask:

  • Is abortion an attack on Christian ethics and morals (truth)?
  • What abortions are now legal in our society? Especially note Doe v. Bolton's exception for health of the mother which opens the door to abortion on demand.
Closing Moment

Anyone who reads the Bible knows that God has from the beginning forbidden any individual person from taking away another person's life. On the contrary, clearly in the Bible, every person has been told to be kind, pity, help, care for, and provide for the lives and welfare of any person whenever we come across them in our daily lives, when they are helpless, injured, sick, weak, needy, elderly or infants.

Preview with the class areas that will be covered in the next session.

Ask some to briefly tell just one thing they learned in this session.

Invite everyone to join hands in a circle.

Close in prayer.

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