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New 2015

The new brochure entitled "Ending Abortion in America"  is the most important information you could forward to your pastor and legislator as well as your entire e-mail list. 

The shedding of "innocent blood" by legalized abortion, must be stopped before God will bless America again. 

God bless you as you help in this most important
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Why a Constitutional Amendment for Life?
Why At This Time?
 December, 2015


For current pro-life events contact:

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A new website called:

Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center

This unique website, found at pastorsprolife.org is designed as a research tool for Pastors and laymen and is the result of a three year project by a group of national pro-life leaders. It contains hundreds of articles and resources which were selected during that time. These are searchable through the website data base with new articles and resources  being added as they become available.

The Pastors Pro-life Resource Center team would also like to invite you to watch the Dear Pastor video by clicking on this link or on the site's link found on the top right of their home page.

Your comments and feedback are important and valued.



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