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Some of the resources listed topically in the table below are Prolife Power Products. For a complete listing of these unique products click the Power image




  What Every Christian Needs to Know About Abortion
  Pamphlet   Bloodguilt in Christianity: The Legacy of Abortion
  VHS / DVD   Silent Scream - Spanish or English (graphic)
  Pamphlet   Truth or Consequences (graphic)
   Bible Study   A Christian Response to Abortion 2010 edition
  Link   America Must Decide (some parts are graphic)
  PDF Version   Key Scriptures Concerning Abortion
    NEW Brochure   Does a Birth Control Pill Cause an Abortion?
Euthanasia VHS / DVD   The Right To Kill
   Bible Study   A Christian Response to Euthanasia 2010 edition
Health Book   Breast Cancer - It's Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill
  Book   Forbidden Grief - The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
Prolife Proclamation   Emancipation Proclamation of Preborn Children
Written by: President Ronald Reagan
  Book   Their Blood Cries Out - The Penalty for Shedding Innocent Blood
  Book   The Destruction of the West, A Spiritual Assessment
  Book   INNOCENT BLOOD, America’s Final Trial, by Donald S. Smith
  Poster   The Destruction of the West - poster
  Booklet   Standing in the Gap Prayer Booklet
  Stamps   Commemorative Non-postage Stamps
  Pamphlet   America's Most Dangerous Choice
  VHS / DVD   Your Crisis Pregnancy (Spanish or English)
  Article   Counseling Tips: Helping People Choose Life, Not Abortion
  Article   Personhood - The question of when is the preborn a person
  Link   Prenatal Pictures
  Getting Involved   Pro-Life Information Table
  Pro-Life Voting   Pro-Life Pledge
  PDF Version   Pro-life Scriptures
  Prolife Curriculum   Raising Life Loving Kids 2014 Edition
Stem Cell Prolife Report   Stem Cell Research