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As a pregnant woman goes into the parking lot of an abortion clinic for an abortion one of the only persons that might be able to save both her and her unborn baby from disastrous consequences is a sidewalk counselor. What is said, or not said, in that brief moment when the mother and the sidewalk counselor meet is crucial. For just a second, or perhaps a few seconds, the sidewalk counselor has the opportunity to bring the beautiful message of God's love for not only her but for her unborn child as well.

If you feel that God is leading you into Sidewalk Counseling, Crusade For Life has two brochures that they recommend. One is "Effective Steps To Sidewalk Counseling" by Judy Howard who, with her husband Al, have operated a successful crisis pregnancy center for many years in Long Beach, CA called His Nesting Place. The other is "Before you choose...".

The brochure "Effective Steps To Sidewalk Counseling" contains seven steps designed to help the sidewalk counselor be prepared and therefore more effective. The steps discussed are:

Step 1: Spiritual Preparation
Step 2: Physical Preparation
Step 3: How to Approach a Girl
Step 4: Sharing the Dangerous Effects of Abortion
Step 5: Important Tips
Step 6: Follow-Up
Step 7: Lead an Individual to Jesus Christ

Additionally, the brochure lists thirteen practical things to do before going to the clinic and after you arrive.

This link is to the full version of the brochure "Effective Steps To Sidewalk Counseling" in PDF format.


 The second brochure entitled " Before you choose..." is designed to be used by the sidewalk counselor as a handout. This can be used in the briefest of moments when there isn't time to talk or the mother is not willing to talk but is willing to take the brochure.

As you look at this brochure you will see that although it contains factual medical information it does not contain a gospel message. If you look at Step #7 above, you will see that including a gospel message is vital. Some include a gospel tract with this brochure because, again, you may only have the opportunity to just hand your lifesaving information to the mother. If you have more time, great.

You may already have a gospel tract that you like, but, if not, one source we recommend is the American Tract Society. An example of their gospel tracts is "Steps to Peace With God" written by Billy Graham. Another example of a salvation tract  is one from Good News Tracts entitled "How Can We Know That We Will Go To Heaven" by Randy Alcorn.

Whichever tract you choose, choose a tract that you think is appropriate and tuck it into your brochure. Abortion will end as hearts are changed.

The link to the PDF version of the beautiful brochure "Before You Choose..."is cherishca.com /prolife brochure. It can be ordered from cherishca.com/brochure.

For more information concerning sidewalk counseling or to talk to someone who is an experienced sidewalk counselor please contact:

Crusade for Life, Inc.

18030 Brookhurst St., Box 372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 963-4753

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