A Christian Response To Euthanasia, Part II:
Four Session Bible Study

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  • Student Notes #5: "Principles Governing Medical Treatment Decisions"
  • Student Notes #6: "Case Studies"


  • Psalm 139:13-16
  • Luke 10: 25-37


  • To identify biblical guidelines to making end of life decision.
  • To apply guidelines to actual case studies.


Welcome students and open with prayer. Be sure any new members of the group have the student handouts from previous sessions, especially Student Note #5 "Principles Governing Medical Treatment Decisions."

As the first two sessions have pointed out so clearly, big changes are taking place in the world today: changes in government, changes in medicine and law, and changes in the opportunities for Christians to do something about world problems. With these changes comes the need to have some guidelines when making difficult end of life decisions.

Read the scripture: Psalm 139:13-16

  • What does the word say about the value of our lives?

  • Who decides when it is our time to die?

Read: Luke 10:25-37

  • What kind of example of caring for the ill does this parable show us for today?


Video Instructions: Start, a little more than halfway through the film, where Mr. Buckley speaks about the concept of courts making laws and introduces the Anna Hirth case with Dr. Alan Jay. Continue for approximately 10 minutes and turn it off when Mr. Buckley introduces Reverend Craig Vick.

Set the stage for this segment of the video introducing the case of Anna Hirth, which is similar to the case studies the students will be discussing later in the class. This segment includes a review of the principles governing treatment decisions and an illustrates the Nazi connection to euthanasia and the slippery slope.


Discuss students reaction to the video remembering to allow ample time for role playing the following case studies.

Hand out Student Notes #5 "Principles Governing Medical Treatment Decisions" (from previous session) and pass out Student Notes #6 "Case Studies."


We have provided you with 4 actual cases that were submitted by a registered nurse and are real life situations requiring ethical decision-making by health care providers and family. Separate the class into 4 groups giving each group a different case to review on their own. Have the groups use the "Principles Governing Medical Treatment Decisions" handout as a guideline in their decision making. Allow 10 minutes for each group to discuss among themselves what decisions they would have made and then give each group 5 minutes to share their decisions with the class. (May use only two or three of the case studies for discussion if time is limited).

Then share with the class the real outcome of each case. See the Teacher's Copy of Student Notes #6 following page 14.

As technology advances and becomes more complex Christians will need to be better informed and educated on the scripture and be encouraged to seek a deeper prayer life. This will enable them to make decisions that are faithful to the Lord. They should also be reminded that there is no greater joy than the peace and assurance of knowing that, whatever the future may hold, they are secure in the loving arms of the Savior.

Suggestion: You may want to make available copies of the scriptures dealing with suffering, especially for those dealing with suffering themselves or of a loved one.

Conclusions: Our faith in the Lord comes through prayer, meditation and yes even suffering. It is on these battlegrounds that our faith and our belief are put into practice and where people struggle with their relationship with God, and are strengthened in the grace of God.

As Christians we are challenged to help each other through difficult times. As we live this reality, we begin to see those we love who are suffering, not as burdens to be eliminated, but as a personal invitation to love.

Share with the class that the next and final session will be covering ways to protect ourselves and those we love from euthanasia including what documents to sign.


Pray for the suffering and for those that may be in danger of euthanasia. Thank God for His protection upon their lives and His presence throughout all suffering.

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