Life Issues Bible Study Curriculum
A Christian Response To Euthanasia

A Video and Discussion Guide for Bible Studies

  1. Leader Information and Preparation

  2. Four Session Bible Study

    1. First Session; Objectives:
      • To explore God's view on the value of life.
      • To examine the pro-euthanasia perspective.
      • To sensitize Christians to the negative effects of legalizing euthanasia.

    2. Second Session; Objectives:
      • To understand man's stewardship over life: food, water and pain relief.
      • To recognize the dangers of physician assisted suicide
      • To share the Christian response to pain and suffering and identifying ways a Christian can respond to the suffering of themselves and others.

    3. Third Session; Objectives:
      • To identify biblical guidelines to making end of life decision.
      • To apply guidelines to actual case studies.

    4. Forth Session; Objectives:
      • To inform the students of actions they can take to protect themselves and their loved ones with pro-life advance directives instead of the Living Will.
      • To introduce alternatives to euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.
      • To identify ways a Christian can be a support to hurting people who are at risk for euthanasia.

  3. Young People and Children

  4. Supplemental Material

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