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What Every Christian Needs To Know About Abortion

 The most needed information in the pro-life cause. This 12 page colored booklet discusses what abortion is, how abortion entered the American scene, what science tells us about unborn life, what the Bible says about unborn life and what Christians can do to stop abortion.

Interdenominational. Lauded by both Protestant and Roman Catholic leaders. Ideal for church congregations, Sunday school classes, Christian schools, and pro-life groups.

Contents of Booklet:

What is Abortion? (graphic)

How Did Abortion Enter the American Scene?

What Does Science Tell Us About Unborn Life?

What Does the Bible Say About Unborn Life

What Can Christians Do to Stop Abortion?


Item CB-1, English ; Item CB-1S, Spanish
3 1/4"x 9", 12 pages, full color
Price: 1-999 40 cents each, 1000 and up $35/hundred

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