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A Pastor's Counsel

By Joe Wright


On a cool New England evening in spring nestled on its rolling hills sat a quaint little chapel. Its modest steeple stretched toward heaven as a gentle but clear reminder of the things above. Inside the building there was a foyer, warm and cozy, welcoming all to come in from the weather. While inside the simple sanctuary there was a sense that God was near, and that He was available, even to the lowliest of men.

Not far away stood a tiny Victorian cottage that was both the house and the office of the pastor. His office was neat and orderly with shelves of books organized to be within a moments reach should he desire. He could quickly search out the wisdom of the Scriptures and of the godly men through the ages for answers to this worlds problems. In an age of turbulent times, He was not alone.

It was 1966 and the nation was at war, not only with Vietnam and the Communist aggression, but the United States seemed to be at war with itself. Racism and riots, anti-war rallies, assassinations, experimental drugs and gangs. These were perilous times. The pastor and his wife had two children and were seemingly in an endless struggle to pay the bills. The second of the children was born with a handicap and his humble career had not the means of providing adequately for such special needs. Even through his own struggles the Lord had enabled him to minister to his parish and help others financially at times. Tonight, his thoughts were deeply absorbed with concern for a family in his church.

He and others from the church had recently helped them move from the 3rd floor of a rat-infested building on the South side of town to a new government project building where at least the building was clean and the rent was cheap. Warren and Marie had difficulties that were too overwhelming for the pastor even to think about. Warren had recently lost his job for "preaching too much" at work and was near emotional breakdown. There was barely enough money to get by. To top it off, they had six children of which the oldest was 8 years old. Many well meaning people in the church had tried to drop hints. "Don't you know where children come from?" Or, "You sure do have a lot!". But this couple was either too naive or too obstinate to get the message.

The pastor tucked his kids in bed, kissed his wife and slipped out the door. He had set a time for visitation with the couple at their home in the evening so the children would be in bed. How do these people get themselves in these predicaments? And why? The church can't feed every family and its definitely irresponsible to have more kids than you can provide for. I've already lent them $50 to replace their old broken car. Well, for their own good, I'm going to have to tell it to them straight. Its time for them to carry their own load, and if we are going to be able to help them in the future, they must first go on some form of birth control. If they have six kids now, where will it end? Yes, I must confront them... for their own good. And with all the strength he could gather, he breathed deeply and knocked at their door. Come in pastor. The visitation was not as difficult as he had thought. They hadn't asked him for any more financial assistance, "at least not yet" he thought. Though the information he had given them on family planning was not solicited, they listened politely, and were not offended. He was the first person to ever tell them plainly that they needed to use birth control. As he left, he felt a little lighter, relieved of the burden, and trusting the rest to God. The young couple went to sleep, pondering the pastors visit, and what they should do.

Eventually the young couple decided to take their pastor's counsel, but it took a little while to settle with that decision. In the meantime, their 7th child was born, and some years later he was born from above. I am the 7th and I am the last child of Marie and Warren Wright, and I was born against the counsel of both my church and my pastor. Was I the product of an unwise and sinful act? Was the attitude of my Church and the counsel of my Pastor holy? Or could it all have been some insidious and devilish plot to prevent my very existence? I will let you decide for yourself.

Malachi 2:15 "Has not the Lord made them one? And why one? Because he was seeking Godly offspring." ...And what are you after from your marriage? 

Joe Wright 

 Husband of Kim and adopted father of Daniel and now baby Jeremiah. 
Where would this beautiful family be without Joe? 
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