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Pro-Life Information Table

A table placed in a prominent location can be a very effective tool in getting pro-life information into the hands of those who are passing by although setting up the table isn't necessarily easy. Some of the considerations are:
Where to set up the table Where the people are. Next to but not necessarily in the flow of traffic which might impede traffic or cause a hazard. For example, the table might be set up in an entrance area or foyer but out of the way so that in case of an emergency no exits are blocked. Will the table be inside or outside. If it is going to be outside will there be shade or will sun block and a wide brimmed hat be needed. If it is outside will there be a breeze. Most small pamphlets are light and easily blown around. What is available to hold them down? I have used smooth stones but anything large enough to be paper weights will work.
Getting permission After a desirable location is found permission must be obtained. If it is going to be in an auditorium setting, for example at an event, then space might need to be rented and reserved.
What materials will be used Unless materials are already available obviously they will need to be ordered. This is important because if the table is to be set up this next weekend but it is going to take two weeks to get the materials this is definitely going to be a challenge. Will the materials be sold or given away or a combination of both. If there will be sales involved are you ready to make change? Some use a large bottle or some other container for donations.
Do you need a helper That depends on several factors. Usually a helper is good especially if the table will be set up for all or most of the day. There are lunch and restroom breaks to consider. Also, getting the material set up and put away not to mention setting up and putting away the table are other considerations. Also a helper is really nice during busy times or in case someone comes by the table that needs extra time for questions. With a helper other folks at the table can be helped especially if items are for sale which is usually the case.
At the end of the day Leave no trace. Make sure the area where the table was is clean. If the table is inside put everything away soon enough so that those doing lockup don't have to wait on you.
prolife table jpg prolife table 2 jpg

Table set up outside. There apparently is no breeze because I don't see any paper weights.


Table set up inside

So, there is some work involved; never-the-less, we know that every worthwhile endeavor involves some work.

All of us make decisions based on what we hear and read. How will people make pro-life choices if they don't hear and read about pro-life. How often has someone said after seeing and reading a pro-life tract or some other pro-life information, "Wow, I didn't know that!"

For more information please contact:


Crusade for Life, Inc.
18030 Brookhurst St., Box 372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 963-4753

[email protected]

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