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Do the "Precious Feet" Help Save Babies Lives?

You Betcha!


From Kathy in Phoenix, AZ
"I am so overjoyed to have learned of the 'Precious Feet'. I am 16 years old. One day I as in the library and saw a girl that had the cutest little lapel pin of baby feet that I was curious and asked her about them. She told me what they stood for....it touched me so dearly and this girl was so sweet. I was even thinking about getting an abortion but now I will not. I will have the baby and give it up for adoption. Too bad I can't keep it....but I know this will be the best for the child. I feel it was inspiration for me to be at the library that night."

From Ray in Springfield, MO
Recently one of our friends gave a pair of 'Precious Feet' to a pregnant, unmarried girl she knew....An abortion was being planned and the girl was receiving pressure to carry out those plans. After seeing the feet she couldn't believe them. The usual this can't be true' and, 'I don't believe it' led to further research and examination of just what would be happening if the abortion were carried out. In other words - a life was saved!"

From Evelyn in Birch Run, MI
"One of my co-workers' daughters sent me a lovely letter of appreciation for the 'Precious Feet' I sent her. But the thing that moved me most was to hear her say that a friend of hers (high school age) discovered she was pregnant. When she saw the feet you sent she decided against an abortion."

From Jeanne in Washington, DC
"The first morning I brought a 'Precious Feet' to an abortion clinic, a 19 year old girl, pregnant for the second time, came for an abortion. I was able to persuade her to stop and talk after showing her the 'Precious Feet'. We went around the corner to get a cup of coffee and to chat. An hour later, she was on her way home, having decided against abortion. Her baby arrived in early June."

From Mary Lynn in Buffalo, NY
"I was standing in front of a local abortuary with a dear friend of mine, sidewalk counseling. I greeted a young woman, who was abortion bound, with a cheery 'good morning'....I pointed out my 'Precious Feet' on my lapel and stated, 'Look! These are the exact size and shape of a baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception!' She inhaled sharply, put her hand to her mouth and said, 'OH!' She then rushed into the clinic and I was crushed. ....My friend called to me saying, 'Lynn, Lynn, look!' When I looked up I saw that beautiful young woman leave the abortuary, get in the car with her boyfriend and leave! As she passed by us, through tears of joy, she waved to us, indicating that the child's life was spared!"

From Terry of Atlanta, GA
"....Our volunteer talked to both girls but felt we would 'lose' these to abortion. As she was leaving she remembered the 'Precious Feet' on her collar and gave them to one of the girls. She told her 'these are the exact size of a 10 week old baby's feet' (which was exactly the point of her pregnancy). Well, our volunteer came back and we all prayed but the 'Precious Feet' had done their work - we were able to save not one but two babies! Our thanks for making the 'Precious Feet' available to us."

From CAROL EVERETT, former abortion clinic owner turned Pro-Life, Dallas, TX
"You know those little feet pins? Those things used to irritate me to death when I was in the abortion business. I couldn't stand them! In the grocery line a little girl of about sixteen was wearing the feet. That just drove me crazy because, of course, she was shining the truth on me. I didn't understand that then, but I hated them!"


The stories that were sent to us by Heritage House were not surprising but it is easy to forget to include a set of the "Precious Feet" as part of our apparel every day. I was reminded of that as I read these testimonies. An even more effective approach is to carry a couple of extra sets in a pocket or pocket book. That way if someone asks about them it is possible to give them a set. The brief message printed on the small card the "Precious Feet" come with allows the person to read about them at their convenience. So, even if time is short or the situation is such that taking the time to explain about them would not be appropriate, the message will do that for us. It is about getting the message out that the pre-born, though tiny, are people too.

Wear your "Precious Feet" and you may help save a baby's life!

Available from:

Heritage House
919 So. Main St.
Snowflake, Arizona 85937

Heritage House 76. com