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COLLATERAL DAMAGE - from 37 years of legal abortion

By Bev Cielnicky, President of Crusade for Life

Women and Abortion

Maternal Complications

Emotional Problems

Abortion and Hypocrisy

Abortion and Breast Cancer

Depression from Abortion can Lead to Suicide

Abortion and Subsequent Children


Families and Child Aversion

Who Has Been Killed

Legal Abortion Leads to a Disrespect for Life


pregnant womanAbortion has been legal for thirty-seven years which is time enough to really look at what abortion has done to our nation from several different perspectives including what has it done to women, men, children, families, states and the country at large.

Let's start with women since abortion was legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton as a woman's "right to privacy." What did this ruling really mean? A woman has the right to abort her unborn child at any age and any time during a pregnancy without any interference from the state, the father of the child or her parents. A woman has total control over her baby's life.

Women and Abortion back to top

Over 50,000,000  babies have been surgically aborted since 1973 and millions more babies have been killed by chemical abortions. Many women have had one or more abortions. Recently a pastor spoke of meeting a woman who had 19 abortions.

Most abortions are done on women during their first pregnancy for a variety of reasons. They are too young, must finish school, a baby will interfere with their career plans, they made a stupid mistake, don't want their parents to know and so on. Less than 3% are done for rape, incest or deformity. Abortions are done for convenience and because it is legal and available.

Maternal Complications back to top

Women who abort often feel relieved at first but their lives are changed in several ways. Dr. & Mrs. Willke in "Abortion: Questions & Answers" list the studies that show the ways women are physically damaged from abortion. Typical sequelae include:

  • Sterility Increased miscarriages More premature deliveries which cause higher rates of infant mortality and handicap

  • Sensitizing Rh-negative women to future pregnancies Problems with placentia previa increases. Afterbirth covers part of the cervix due to scarring

  • Ectopic pregnancies increase due to scarring of the opening of the fallopian tubes

Dr. Willke also covers maternal deaths due to abortion. The statistics are very incomplete but clearly show that "safe" legal abortion are not safe for the baby or the mother.

Emotional Problems back to top

Emotional problems are often repressed. On silentnomoreawareness.org women and men tell of their abortions, problems and healing. One man writes, "Once we aborted our child, we aborted our relationship, it's ultimate purpose, it's validation, and it's existence. These are my unspoken abortion truths."

And from two women, "I share this with you to give you a glimpse of my experience in the abortion clinic. I never considered the immediate and long-term trauma and regret that I would experience.

Another says, "Although I have found healing and God's love, I still suffer from post-traumatic stress and will always miss my baby!  To honor her and to save others from this trauma today, I vow to be Silent No More because abortion is a nightmare."

Abortion and Hypocrisy - 13 not 12 were killed at Fort Hood.
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As the Dr. Seus book says, "A Persons a Person No Matter How Small."

A few years ago in California, Laci Rocha Peterson, wife of Scott Peterson, was murdered. She was in her eighth month of pregnancy with their son Conner. Scott was accused of the crime and was charged with Laci's murder and, because of California state law, also the murder of in utero Conner. Not so in the military. In the Fort Hood massacre, a pregnant woman was shot and killed, but her baby isn't counted among the dead. How can this be? Was her baby any less human than Connor?

Abortion and Breast Cancer back to top

The studies keep coming in tying increased breast cancer in younger women to abortion - particularly abortion of a first pregnancy. Most abortions are done on young women who have never carried a pregnancy to term and consequently have breast cells that are highly susceptible to developing cancer when a pregnancy is interrupted unnaturally. Recent studies have clearly shown this connection. In July 2009, a study in Turkey showed a 66% increased risk of breast cancer when a women has had an abortion. To quote the doctors who conducted this study, "Abortion was significantly associated with increased breast cancer risk."

Breast cancer has increased in China due to the "one child policy" resulting in forced abortions.

Why arenšt more women told of this connection? Why isn't the National Institute of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) and National Communications System (NCS) reporting this connection? Why is the Susan G. Komen Foundation giving grants of $50,220 to Planned Parenthood? (OC Register, 12/24/09)

It is a deadly circle. Planned Parenthood doesn't give young girls this information who come to them for their first abortion but they receive grants to prevent what they may have been responsible for!

Depression from Abortion can Lead to Suicide back to top

In China, where women are forced to have abortions if they are pregnant without the government's permission, more women commit suicide then men. In the U.S. male suicides are triple that of women.

Abortion and Subsequent Children back to top

Recent studies (6/10/09) show that women with prior induced abortions are more likely to deliver premature babies with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy disorders.

Have you thought of the collateral damage done to societies when abortion is legal?

Immigration back to top

In Europe the work force is made up of Muslim immigrants who are having much larger families than the Europeans and are actually taking over certain parts of countries when their population reaches a majority and then they insist on imposing "sharia law" on everyone.

This could lead to entire cultures being eliminated in the future in what is termed "Demographic Winter."

Why is illegal immigration in America needed? We have killed 50 million of our work force through abortion.

Why is social security and medi-care collapsing? Over 50 million future tax payers have been aborted. Many would now be in their 30s! Consequently there is a decline in national productivity, fewer national businesses and a smaller tax base.

Families and Child Aversion back to top

Traditional families are made up of different generations. Many families in America, Europe and even Japan which has had abortion for even a longer time - are missing family members that would have filled in the missing parts. In Japan elderly people hire young children for a day to take the place of real grandchildren.

Bob Shelly has been teaching classes of men who have experienced an abortion in their past. He says, "I think marriage counselors should be aware that abortion guilt is a straight jacket from hell worn by both men and women. Some post abortive men damage their families by unhealthy behavior and avoiding family headship. Anger, apartness, drinking, drugs, rage and divorce may reflect unresolved abortion guilt."

Who has been Killed? back to top

America is the land of opportunity to everyone except aborted children who never get the chance to fulfill their potential. How many future doctors, scientists, teachers, engineers, and even presidents were never born? Only God knows.

Legal Abortion Leads to a Disrespect for Life back to top

Legalizing the killing of inconvenient babies at the beginning of life naturally leads to the same final solution for those who become inconvenient at the end of life.

The current healthcare bill has "death panels." Why? To cut down on the costs of caring for the elderly and the disabled. The laws for physician assisted suicide often donšt recognize those who are depressed and give them the real care they need. A disrespect for life develops a culture that changes what is "right" into what is expedient.

When a nation has a policy of legalized abortion, God is not pleased and He is just.

In their book "Their Blood Cries Out" Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger write, "Bloodguilt. Over 50,000,000 lives testify against us individually, as a community, as a Church and as a nation. Our complicity in the crime of murder is inescapable. It is clear what price needs to be paid for the shedding of innocent blood and equally clear that the price has not been paid either by civil justice, by His people's trust in Christ's innocent blood for payment on this score, or by God exacting justice through judgment. The voice of innocent blood cries out to God continually for vengeance. Knowing this, we can never again read the Scriptures without being reminded that we stand in danger of God's judgment for our culpability in the shedding of innocent blood."

Bryan Fischer, an American Family Association (AFA) director, writes in the American Family Association Journal, January 2010, "I submit that the future of our country hinges on this one question alone: Will the church allow its voice to be intimidated into silence, or will our spiritual leaders once again take their prophetic role in our society and speak truth outside the four walls of the church?"

God calls for repentance - 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (NIV)

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